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A decision to begin orthodox treatment is one of the best investments you can make in life as far as your dental health is concerned. Selecting a good NYC orthodontist can be a very tricky experience especially when you do not have adequate information about the same. However, you have no reason to worry at all since at our high ultra decent offices we provide quality orthodontist care at prices that are pocket friendly to both low and high-income earners. One of our goals as a business is to provide you with that friendly environment that you will definitely enjoy. Our teams whose selection bases on a professional will provide you with orthodontist treatment you are not likely to find anywhere else in the New York City.

We have the best quality, imaging facilities as well as diagnostic devices giving us the ability to provide services worth your trust. With the state of the art type of materials, we apply the best skills in every step we take you through during your process of treatment. Unlike others who may take shorts just to get your money, this is not the case with us. For all those years, we have been stayed committed to ensuring that our services are consistent. With our systems, we have all it takes to control possibilities of infection. Moreover, we ensure safety and stick to legal procedures that have no side effects.

Orthodontist services at our center


Invisalign is one of the latest technologies that have greatly revolutionized the medical field and specifically therapy. It involves the process of straightening teeth that seem to be misaligned. When experts conduct the treatment in the best way, it gets hard for anyone to notice whether you went through the same. When compared to braces, Invisalign provides more comfort simply because of the invisibility of the outcome after treatment. For instance, it is one of the most recommended for patients of all ages including teens with the complication.

Facial myofunctional therapy

The myofunctional therapy helps in correcting finger or thumb sucking behaviors, wrong position of the tongue resting position, open mouth resting position. This form of treatment is the best since it is non-invasive at the same time it helps in addressing a number of causes as opposed to the symptoms. Myofunctional form of therapy provides the best results when complemented with orthodontist treatment.

Craniofacial asymmetrical orthodontics

Craniofacial asymmetry treated in conjunction with a chosen team of specialists may require some surgical operations. Syndromes, congenital and developing abnormalities in the jaw are some of the problems addressed under this treatment.

The TMJ orthodontist treatment

This form of therapy also called TMD orthodontist is the best way to relieve pain. It is a highly customized type of therapy for those experiencing pain in the head, face, jaw and the neck regions.

The expansion of jaws

The process in most case applies to growing children since the jaws their respond appropriately unlike when done for the adults. With the help of functional braces, we help patients in achieving a facial profile that is very attractive.